Batch convert .zip or .rar to .7z

These are scripts for batch convert your .rar or .zip files into 7z format. The original script source is here.

You’ll need a standalone 7za executable, you can get it from sourceforge, inside any *extra.7z files (always get the latest stable version).

For the scripts, you can download it here. Inside the archive, there are 2 bat files (for .rar and .zip version) and a .txt file. Txt file has information on how to add environment path variable to your windows environment so you can run these scripts from command prompt/console. I’m on windows 7 anyway, so if the information somehow does not work for you, google may come in handy.

A little info about the script, it has 3 switches:

  • Validate the 7z output, turned off
  • Compression level, set to highest (9)
  • Delete source .rar or .zip, set to off

Have fun.

Disclaimer: by downloading and using these scripts, I can not be held responsible for any loss or damage of any files/system/data you’re working with! Use it with caution.

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