Maxscript for simplify many materials into one multimaterial.
Select objects with different materials, click “multiMat”, all material in selected objects will become 1 multimaterial. Works like generate multimaterial when attaching ePoly objects, only it operates on nodes.
Usefull for working with many materials in scene, or maybe just to condense multimaterial.

Working in 2 mode:

  • Non destructive mode (click): Checking nodes with multiMaterial applied. End result is adding Edit_Poly() or materialID() modifier to stack depend on previous material.
  • Fast mode (shift+click): Any node selected will be converted to editable poly, avoiding max modify mode which is slow. Be warned that this will collapse your stack.

Multimaterial created will be sorted by name.


  • drag and drop or run
  • Undo works without guarantee.

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